Wooden Floor Restoration - Hints & Tips

As tough and beautiful as wood floors are, over time the finish will be worn away with spills, drops, grit on shoes, shifting furniture, and family pets. Fortunately the damage usually isn't permanent. Most wood floors can be refinished. This involves sanding away a layer off the top of the floor before applying a floor stain and/or a finish coat. Here are some tips to help you maintain your wooden floor in pristine condition.

How do you maintain a wood floor?
It is recomended that they should be cleaned with a vacuum or sweeping brush. When necessary you can use a damp mop, but it is not a good idea to put a lot of water on a wood floor. Any spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible, not allowing any spill to penetrate the floor.

How do I protect my wooden floor from furniture scratches?
It is recommended that pads be put on heavy furniture and to lift heavy items when moving them. If there is access from outside to your wood floor it is advisable to put door matts down at entry points. Be aware of any early signs of wear as this is an opportunity to have a coat of finish applied without having to sand and refinish.

I'd like to restore or refinish my worn wooden floor, is this a DIY job?
There are machines available for hire to refinish your hardwood floors. These machines are roughly a third of the weight of a professional machine and as such, not ideal for the job. If not done correctly, this can lead to calling out a professional to repair a damaged floor. The drum is very important in achieving an even sand and if it is knocked off balance it can give you an uneven sanding. If you do manage to sand the floors it is very important to recognise stop lines or marks of any kind, as once the finish is applied it will highlight any issues with the sanding. You have to use several sanding settings for different parts of the floor and for the different stages of sanding. If your floors are correctly sanded and finished you will not need to resand them for several years depending on the traffic. As this is your home it pays to have your floor sanded by a professional.

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