Wood Floor Installation

When it comes to installing your floor, the method employed depends on the floor type you have chosen and the existing sub floor.

Parquet Floors: This flooring is gluesd down. The glue is spread on the floor with a trowl and the floor is laid square by square. In using herringbone and parquet floors you are using the same size pieces laid in a certain pattern.

Oak, Pine, Maple or Birch Floors: In the case of oak, pine, maple, or birch floors they are usually nailed onto a plywood sub floor. This flooring comes in random lengths. Pine floors tend use wider panels, going up to 12 inches. It is important that the moisture content is checked before installing any of these floors. This usually means the flooring needs to be stored at the place of installation until the moisture content is correct. If this is not done, it can result in major issues with the floor in time.

Prefinished Floors: (Laminates etc) are laid on a light foam sheet.

Pine Floors: Stand out from all the other flooring as they are mostly installed in larger plank form. It is a soft wood that wears and improves with age. There is a brightness and natural feel about a pine floor. As they age, the knots and any blemishes give the floor more character. We have worked on a lot of these floors in New York and it was common to spike nail these plank floors and in time the nails bleed giving the floor an even more rustic and unique look.

Prefinished Floors: have become more popular especially with the suppliers as there is a lot less involved with them. But you put a floor in for life, to live with and enjoy, which is why its worth going the extra to get what you want as opposed to what they want to sell you.

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