Refinishing Pine Floors

The relatively low cost of Pine has led to it being the most common (and attractive) wood found in Irish floors. Pine is a softwood and tends to dent more easily than hardwoods such as oak. Pine boards are still durable floors when properly cared for. Pine flooring generally contains whorls and knots which gives it a distinctive character. The floor boards have a yellow-brown color that darkens with age, although refinishing will restore its color.

Pine flooring is durable enough for heavily trafficked rooms such as the kitchen. Good maintenance and daily sweeping will increase the length of time before refinishing becomes necessary.

The soft nature of Pine, relative to hard woods, means that floor sanding is best left to a professional floor refinishing company. It is very easy to unevenly sand a Pine floor.

For more information on how our flooring company can repair, refinish or stain your pine floor please contact Sheehan Floors at our office near Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland today. We will supply a no obligation, free quotation.

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